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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LargeDad’s PMS solution.

It’s that time of the month. 

I’m sure my symptoms actually do get worse, not just my perception of them.  This is something Mum agrees with me about.  Every month we have a little ‘oh no, she’s sliding backwards’ freak out, and then we remember, it was like this 28 days ago.  

So I get sicker. 

And I get grumpy.

But not to worry LargeDad has the solution..


Me: (about my doctor) She doesn’t want me go on the pill for PMS because of the increased risk of thrombosis being bedbound makes it too risky.

(Noisy sigh).

Thrombosis? How bad can that be? 

LargeDad:  Oh no, Sarah it’s serious it’s not a risk you can take.

Me: but PMS and ME, It’s just too much. 

LargeDad:  Oh your PMS isn’t that much of a problem.

Me: ummm that’s nice of you to say, but yes, yes it is.

LargeDad: No really it’s fine, we just do a food drop and shut the door.  

Me: oh.

LargeDad: That’s what the double insulation on the door is for, OUR noise sensitivity.


  1. Always love your spare, witty writing.

    Sarah, my sister has very bad PMS and ME and Gary Deed has just put her on progesterone, a compounded medicine to be taken 10 days before her period starts. we don't know if it will help. Maybe discuss it with your dr? good luck.
    Lilith XO

    1. Thanks LIlith, I am pretty sick of going backwards once a month so it's great to have something else to ask about. Cheers. xx Hope it works for your sis.