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Saturday, April 14, 2012

On living vicariously and finding that one in a million.


Beautiful Friend and I hadn’t seen each other in ages. Since last time, there have been travels, adventures, illness, break ups, and plenty of general silliness.

She has been kind enough to take the time to stop by while travelling through. I’m not really well enough for visitors and feel a bit naughty because technically I let her queue jump. There are many other friends I want to see as well, but hopefully they understand and can wait as my body ‘recovers’.

(Did you hear that body…recover!)

Anyway it was a very lovely distraction. We laughed a lot, finding life a little more ironic now than before. A few things stood out, like my acute seasickness and choice of sailing career, her love of Japan and life threatening allergic reactions to fish and cherry blossoms. Yes apparently we are both prone to counter intuitive life choices.

Then chat moved onto our respective break-ups and subsequent hang ups. We’d both dated surprisingly similar guys for a similar length of time and while these things are complex and unique for everyone we found plenty of common ground. 

Ears burning boys?

Mostly I was struck by how na├»ve we had been. The glaring incompatibilities we both tried to bat away with ‘acceptance’ and ‘loving them faults and all’. 

Sometimes perceived faults are insurmountable differences, not lovable foibles.

In the future, we decide, we will (at least try to) be more discerning and true to ourselves. I’m not suggesting becoming one of those women with 100 checkboxes and half a dozen cats, but still not quite so soft, forgiving and most importantly, not so BLIND. 

A few fun dating stories were shared. Okay well she told me hers and I lived them vicariously, laughing at the appropriate moments and puzzling over the inexplicable ones.

This naturally led to a discussion of the limited number of available men. 

Beautiful Friend, is naturally gorgeous, intelligent and blessed (or cursed) with the body of a supermodel, she’s the type of girl it’s fun to walk half a step behind, just so you can see the jaws dropping. 

So quantity is not going to be difficult. It’s more the quality control issue. The problem with being a girl (well a straight one anyway) is that every time you describe the perfect guy he ends up sounding a lot like your best female friend. 

So it gets tricky, but here’s the good bit,

As Beautiful Friend said,

‘If there is one in a million, well hey that’s 7 in NSW alone. And 22 in Australia.’

And I can see this fills her with hope, laughter and a kind of steely determination. 

I almost feel sorry for the guys in her new town, they don’t stand a chance and are about to be blown out of the water.


Where this leaves those of us with severe chronic illnesses, I don't know. And I don't really know where I am going with this post except, maybe, to point out that there is hope.

Speaking of which a lovely friend shared this song with me lately and I think it's just beautiful, full of hope and wanted to share it with you.

p.s. I think the fella at 2.07 is one hawt dog, I wouldn't mind warming my feet on his back on a cold winters night. 


  1. I really enjoyed this Blog Sarah, made me smile and yes made me feel HOPE thank you honey. Loved the song too, just beautiful <3 xoxox

    1. Thanks beautiful, funny but I did think about you while writing it. Big Love xxx

  2. You are a wonderful story teller Sarah :)