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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confusing the OT

"So, after explaining that I help shower you," Mum pauses for effect, "I told her that you are very independent".

We look at each other and begin to giggle a little,  a lot, and then suddenly we are crying with laughter.  It's just too much.

Apparently the occupational therapist was worried that I might become too dependant on my parents as carers. Oh, how I would love to have that problem.

I wonder out loud, "What part of 'sailing around the world before getting sick' did she not understand?"


p.s. For the record, I only made it halfway.  Apart from illness there was some concern about pirates.

Yes really, pirates.  I used to worry about pirates.

Does that sound like the concerns of someone with parental dependancy problems?


Badass Sexy Pirate.                                                      Badass Scary Pirate.


  1. I love hearing about you and your mum. You are a great team :)

    1. Thanks Mel, she was delighted to read your comment. xx

  2. Hahaha love it!!! I had a doctor write an insurance report on me last year that although my parents were supportive there was fear they may encourage or foster my belief in my invalidism - Ugghhh, I wanted to punch him one honestly.
    Love your bad arse pirates, would love to have seen some snaps of you sailing girl!!
    Big hugs, Jod xox.

    1. It's frustrating isn't it, this lady hadn't even met me. Such a weird and wacky illness it's hard for them to compute that we can be independent dependant people. :)


  3. Hello Sarah,

    I just stumbled across your blog and thought I should comment on this entry, as I am a fellow CFS/ME sufferer, but also an Occupational Therapist by profession (currently working part-time after an extended period of time on sick leave). It frustrates me so much when any health professional makes an assumption about someone without delving at least a little into a person's background/life story prior to their illness/disability...and OTs should know better! Anyhow, I can relate a little from both sides here and I truly believe that my struggles against my CFS symptoms are making me a better Occupational Therapist in the long run, and hopefully I won't make those same frustrating assumptions you came across!

    Nice to come across your blog Sarah - I wish you health & happiness,


    1. HI Rachel,

      Thank you so much for your comment. It's really interesting to hear from someone who is both an OT and a CFS sufferer. I'm so glad you are able to work part-time, I hope it is sustainable for you and that you continue to get better. :)

      I should mention that I really don't blame the OT, for making assumptions, it's very natural. It's just a shame that me/cfs is so poorly understood by all health professionals.

      We'll get the message out there eventually...

      Take care. :)

  4. Hi Sarah
    So sorry I've been absent for awhile. I have your blog in my blogger feed (or whatever you call it) not email which I will remedy as soon as I finish writing this comment! So glad the IVs are still making a difference for you, even if not enough of one to get you back on your feet. Great detailed post on IVs...that was how far back I had to go....
    Sarah, a quick question, do you happen to know if you are hypermobile? Haha, that's not a crack about how you are just rushing around, busy all the time...it's the double jointed, hyperextension stuff I'm asking about.H isn't visibly but many many of the kids on our online group are and I'm beginning to think there is a very big link. I'm not sure where you fit in the early onset/adult CFS pool as your age is a little older and my anecdotal evidence is only from adolescents. H has the body type, close family member with hypermobility, clicking knees and overelastic blood vessels. Anyhow I'm just curious at this stage, no miracle cure to offer unfortunately. Is an interesting study I want to tell you about too but H is here and keen to read your other posts so I'll be back! xo

    1. Hi Annie,
      No worries. I'm a bit behind too, I have to re-stick (technical internet term) your new address into my blogroll. I like your new page.

      No I'm not hypermobile, in any sense of the word. haha. I did come across that stuff earlier too, a doctor who thinks that everyone with cfs is hypermobile, but I'm not. So I didn't follow it up. So many angles on this blasted thing. Interesting though, probably some kind of subset we will understand one day. Hmm I do have clicking hips, thats probably the only box I tick. So great to read about H's forward progress. Keep going chica. :) x