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Monday, March 26, 2012

And she wanted to be a doctor...

Come on nurse, it’s time to go.

I look impatiently at the cannula in my arm, the saline bag is empty and the blood has run up the tube a bit.  I hold the tube up until the blood runs back into my arm.  

Glancing up at Mum, I check to see if she’s okay.  She has been known to turn a funny colour when my blood makes an appearance.

Today she looks fine.

‘Right’ I say, ‘let’s just pull it out ourselves, they are really busy, I’m sure they won’t mind’.
We dither a bit, not wanting to do anything wrong by the nurses, but in the end we choose impatience over politeness. 

Not wanting to make a mess, we devise a detailed plan. I will grab the tape and pull it and the cannula out, then Mum will press the gauze on my arm to catch any bleeding, tape it up and put on the compression bandage.  

Easy, we’ve watched the nurses do it many times.

Mum’s lips tighten as I reach for the tape, but otherwise she still looks fine.  She smiles at me reassuringly.

As I pull out the cannula five drops of rose tinted water splash out from the end of the tube.   A little bead of bright red blood glistens from the tiny hole in my arm.

There is a rush of cold air next to me, arms flail in all directions and whoosh, Mum’s gone. 

I fumble awkwardly with two fingers for the gauze. 

Peering over the edge of the bed, I find her, she is huddled in a ball with her hands covering her head protectively.

‘Are you alright?’ I ask. 

Two very round eyes peer up at me.  She looks surprised to be on the floor. 

‘I was meant to do something wasn’t I?’

‘Something other than duck?’


  1. This did make me chuckle!! Hope you're 'ok'!

    1. hehe it was funny, we laughed all the way home.

  2. ha ha - I have to admit, I can relate to your mom! I never even considered a career in the medical field - can't stand the sight of blood. I can handle the IV, though. But my younger son has had many head injuries (he's a bit of risk-taker!) and wow, do head injuries bleed a lot! Ew.

    Sounds like you handled the situation quite well, though!


    1. In her defence she says that it's because I'm her child, anyone else's blood would be okay. Not sure I'm convinced.

      Ew, ew head wounds are messy, boys will be boys I guess.


  3. Oh the poor Mama. It's funny I was never that squeamish, but I have become increasingly so. I pass out easily when I see blood. So I understand. Ducky.