* I've changed the blog address from www.sarahsworld.me back to the original (badly chosen, but I'm stuck with it) address of www.kiwikchat.blogspot.com .

This means that some links to older posts and old links from other sites don't work. :(

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Dear Readers,

I am in the process of renovating this blog page and you may notice some changes over the next few weeks.   So far all I done is change the Blog Title from 'Cooking and sailing through life with me/cfs' to 'Sarah's World'. I am unable to cook or sail anymore so it's not really relevant to what I write about.

Please have patience, I'm not net-savvy and it's going to be a bit slow.

Hopefully by the time I am finished, this will be a better place to visit.

Cheers Sarah.

Update, 16th December - What was I thinking? Weeks this is going to take me months.


  1. i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member.

    and of course i will folback!:D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ ,please list me on twitter, so i will know u're my follower!! ;)

    i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^
    (u can add me on facebook and contact me at : cheeringwinda@yahoo.com)

  2. No worries Sarah! It was fine as it was but if it makes you happy to be otherwise I'm happy too!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading your blog, think we think similarly about things - especially chocolate, ha ha!

  4. HI Winda, Thanks for your enthusiasm.

    Hi Displaced, lol thanks, it's more just that there are a few things that niggle me and I want to improve them, we'll see how I go.

    Hi Jenny, I like your blog and was heartened to read how well you are doing especially with having a family and such. mm now that you mention it, I haven't had any chocolate all day.

  5. Have fun with the changes Sarah. Look forward to seeing the new look!

  6. Hi Annie,

    Thanks. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

    So far, I have managed to find out what a domain name is (I think) and buy one (money definitely spent...name is somewhere in cyber space).

    So the next step will be putting this page and the new domain name (www.sarahsworld.me) together without losing anyone or anything.

    Really how hard can it be?