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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mum finds A Good Spot.

Mum: So how are your exercises going?

Me: Fine thanks

Mum: You know it’s very important to do leg and core muscle exercises, they get the blood flowing and are good for your POTS.  It increases keeps your leg muscles up to the job of sending blood back up around the body..

Me: I know Mum, (I've googled it to death as well) that’s why I’ve been doing them since I got sick

Mum looks at my stomach suspiciously, my t-shirt has ridden up on one side.

Her eyes glint mischievously.

She lurches towards the exposed skin, reaches out, grabs it and jiggles it energetically.

I yell and fend her off.

Me: What are you doing?

Mum: I’m looking for a good spot to tickle.

I can feel laughter building up inside of me, I look incredulously up at Mum, who is now giggling so much she can’t speak.

I reach for her ticklish spot (about 10cms off her ribs, in midair). 

When we have finally stopped laughing, I lay on the bed clutch my aching stomach and wonder if I still need to do today’s abdominal exercises.


  1. No better treatment than laughter!!

    How wonderful that our mom is so well-educated about the effects of POTS! That's amazing.

    Keep laughing!


  2. Hi Sue,

    Yes my mum is an amazing advocate and source of support for me. She enjoys reading your blog for info and then once she has a new idea to research she really sinks her teeth into it. I have given up trying to 'file' all the info she has read and printed out in duplicate, there is so much it is now slowly taking over my cupboards. I am so lucky that she is so supportive even if I am starting to worry that I might be indirectly responsible for deforestation in the third world.

    I may have lost many things to me/cfs but as Mum has double checked my ticklish spots are still there. shh don't tell anyone.

    xx Sarah

  3. Hi Sarah
    I've just posted a reply to you on my blog after not realising I hadn't -sorry! Just a bit on my mind these days!!! Say hello to your Mum for me if you think she'd like a hello from another mum who's busy trying to make her daughter laugh..... she sounds like a great support person for you. Hope your week's going ok.
    Talk soon : )

  4. beautiful little moment caught there. XXOO kirsten