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Friday, September 2, 2011

IV’s, biological waste and adventures with Dad.

I have started getting an IV (Vit C/Magnesium combination) once a week.

A friend of a friend had CFS and thinks that IV's got her over the hump in her recovery.  I can't help but wonder if she had ME? Was she as sick as me?  Did the IV's help or was it just a coincidence that she started to get better.

Whatever, I've decided to give the IV's a go.

Yesterday was my second one and my DarlingDad kindly drove me to the medical centre.

Once there I was directed to the nurses area and able to lay down straight away.

Dad came in a little later after parking the car and hovered by the bed asking if I needed anything.  I realised I had forgotten my water bottle so he went and got me a couple of small plastic cups of water from the cooler.  They were really very tiny, not much bigger than a shot glass and I drank them both in one go and sent him back for more.  

A bit put out by this Dad looked around for a tray or something to carry the cups on, and found one, IN THE BIN.  That is in the nurses discarded equipment bin. It was a blue plastic tray used to hold dressings and then disposed of after each use. 

As he headed for the bin I let out a strangled yelp, no! But he either didn’t hear me or chose not to and left with the tray in hand.

Dad came back a moment later with a big grin, chuffed with himself.  The tray fitted three plastic cups perfectly.  Never mind that it was a drinks tray made out of biological waste.

Then because Dad is a large man and was hovering awkwardly in the hall the nurse politely asked him to have a seat in the one available chair.  But I had put a lot of stuff on that chair, my laptop for listening to audio books, roasted chickpea snacks, eye mask, ear plugs, sik bag and the three cups of water. So to make space, I good-naturedly tucked my feet up and invited Dad to sit on the end of the bed.

He sat. The whole bed jerked and made a gasping noise, my feet went down two inches and my head up two inches. It was weird.  Dad and I looked at each other and giggled unsaid ‘large man’ jokes flashing between us.

Then the nurse brought in a chair for him, so Dad hopped up, the bed made a sighing noise and sprang back to its original position.   He looked at the light plastic chair on offer and gingerly sat down.  All was well.

A stern faced, tall doctor arrived to put in the IV.  I thought she looked rather cranky and wondered why, surely she was making lots of money churning through the IV patients.  She pressed a button with her foot and the bed slowly started to rise.

Bed: jur jur jur jur clonk clonk clonk

Doctor: ohh that didn’t sound good.

Dad: oh? (blue eyes wide and innocent).

Me: How long do you think the IV will take?  (trying very hard not to laugh).

I wonder if I will have the same bed next week.


  1. I too get IV injections. I get mine weekly and although they don't do anything dramatic, without them my immune system does not cope... I guess that is quite dramatic.

    It's all trial and error, but I hope they help. And that you get a sturdier bed next time 8)

  2. Thanks for your comment Marzi. Great to hear your experience with the IV, it seems like they are one of those things that help in an small way in the big picture.

    lol Dad definitely won't be sitting on the end next time. I didn't know it was hydraulic.

    ;) Sarah B

  3. Whether or not the Mg and Vit C help you, the IV saline itself will help. Plain old IV saline (even with no nutrients in it) is a well-known treatment for ME/CFS that is becoming more common practice (my son starts his next week). The IV saline increases blood volume, thereby decreasing symptoms of OI (which underlie many of the symptoms we experience as ME/CFS). The effect doesn't last long - perhaps 2-3 days - but you should feel an improvement in energy and a reduction of other symptoms temporarily each time.

    Good luck - I look forward to hearing how it goes!


  4. Thanks Sue,
    I have done some reading up on the saline IV and it does sound promising. I did notice that straight after the IV my standing/walking heartrate was down to 110-120 which is 40-50 bpm lower than normal. My doctors assured me it was a placebo effect but it was unexpected and happened again the second time. (It lasted 24 -40hrs I think, wish it was longer).

    I think they can't quite get their heads around the heart rate changes being nothing to do with anxiety. I am naturally a relaxed non-anxious person so that is a bit frustrating. I'll take some info on the saline IV next time I see them.

    :) Sarah.B

  5. My son had his first saline IV last Thursday - on Friday, he went to school and felt really good - he said his energy was better than it'd been in weeks! Unfortunately, by Saturday, he was feeling run down again. He only got 1 liter the first time - we will probably try going up gradually until we get to 2 liters which is what Dr. Rowe does for his patients.

    Too funny that the doctors are trying to tell you it's a placebo effect!! They obviously don't know much about CFS and OI.

    If your HR is that high most of the time, you should definitely look into some sort of treatment for OI. Low-dose beta blockers have worked wonders for me. They bring my HR down about 30 bpm, allowing me to do so much more than I could before without crashing.

    Good luck!


  6. Hi Sarah, I am smiling and you have made me laugh, I am so like you CFS, I am reading all yr blogs, the visit to the beach and yr probs. all mine, verbal difficulty. My sis said I could talk underwater. But not now. So hard, but I find I am able to share like this not orally. I used to be the life of the party. Now I cant even go to one. People in Homes in their 80,s have better social lives than I. You have just shared about thirsty, eyemasks, earplugs and ebook. I dont leave home without mine. And I stock pile. You are a great writer I love reading yr words, I love the spaces you leave for paragraphs, Sooo! easy on my eyes and mind. I am hooked. 2. yrs ago I was going to start a blog but have been busy doing other things . I found Lee Lee.s Blog by accident and it was just what I wanted , then I now have yours to read, Thanks also for other Blogs. You have made my day. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! Suzie

  7. HI Suzie,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog, I really want it to be fun and easy to read. There is enough heavy stuff about this illness on the net already. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I miss speed talking so much, you know the type of free flowing unselfconscious rapid-fire talk that happens naturally around family and friends. :( Luckily it pops back every now and again to surprise me so I guess that means the ability is still there buried under layers of illness and will resurface as we get better.

    Take care and thanks for stopping by :)