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Saturday, September 10, 2011

IKEA and Dad:

I thought I’d share another story about my Large Dad.

This one is about the time he sat in the Ikea chair 

This is the chair that is often on display with a robot pushing on the seat repeatedly, a type of in-store stress test.

Mum: I like the look of that do you think it would look good in the study?

Large Dad: What holds the back up? Doesn’t look sturdy to me.

Mum: well the sign says…..

Large Dad: Lets see about that.

Mum: Oh no, don’t

Chair: Creak, Crack Thwack

Mum: oh dear.

Mum’s shoes: clack clack clack clack

(she exits stage left).

Large Dad’s shoes: thud thud thud thud

 (he exits stage right after hoisting himself up and out of the cracked chair)

They then spent the rest of the day trying to locate each other and escape the Ikea maze.

We now know to be suspicious of any stylish looking chairs where Large Dad is concerned.  Thick wood or steel is the safest bet and sometimes if nothing is suitable he will just stand. 

Which he thinks is a great joke.

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  1. I noticed some traffic coming from the IKEA site so went to have a look and found this:

    IKEA FANS Ambassador

    Re: Large Dad and the IKEA chair
    From the Poang webpage:

    Good to know
    The frame withstands weights up to 375 lbs.


    Just for the record Large Dad weighs about 110kg, more or less 240lbs.

    Otherwise he would be called Huge Dad. :)