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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Entering the Twilight Zone:

Does anyone wonder where the vampire myths come from?  Are they really a myth?  How does one become a one?  What are the early warning signs of becoming a vampire?

Well I think I know where the myth comes from.  It comes from ME well not me but M.E./C.F.S

Some of the early warning signs:

unrefreshing sleep
feeling weak and lethargic 
a poisoned blood feeling
otherworldliness (also known as being forgetful and vague)
light sensitivity (unable to tolerate bright sunlight)
new intolerance of garlic and onions.

It’s the recent light sensitivity that tipped me off.  You know something is seriously wrong when a visit to the psychologist is carried out in a dark room and the psychologist has had to download a torch onto her Iphone in order to read her notes. 

In our last session she asked me what I was looking forward to, I was a bit stuck, what with the light sensitivity throwing a spanner in the works.  Then I remembered coffee.  My favourite thing to do when I am feeling up to it, is to lay on a grassy strip on the headland watching the surf while sipping a nice strong coffee with chocolate dusting.  

Lately though I can only manage to get out at dusk and have to take care to turn my face away from the setting sun.  

And yes sometimes there might be something predatory in my look as I check out the surfers.

So if you're a vampire and you're reading this, stop toying with me I am ready to cross over and join the club, this half way crap is not nice.  

p.s. you had better be cute.


  1. Sorry to hear you have a new symptom to deal with 0 not fun! My oldest son has some light sensitivity, too, though not as bad as what you're describing. Though it is sometimes just a symptom of CFS, it is also a very common symptom of Lyme disease and bartonella, another tick-borne infection. In fact, we now think much of our son's light sensitivity is from his more recent Lyme and bartonella infections because of the timing. We're hoping it will improve with treatment. Have you ever been tested for Lyme and its co-infections? Just yet another avenue to consider!!

    Meanwhile, enjoy your coffee and your sunsets!


  2. Oh dear I hadn't thought of that.

    I wonder how long it takes for symptoms to become evident. I was in the states from April 2008-April 2009 so could have contracted it then but I didn't get any 'M.E.' symptoms until May 2010.

    There isn't any evidence of Lyme disease in Australian ticks (we have enough other nasty bacteria/viruses of our own to contend with) but there could always be a first.

    J'll mention it to my doc today. Thanks Sue for your ever practical advice.

    :) Sarah.B.

  3. For information about Lyme disease in Australia.


    Cheers Sarab B.