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Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 hints for saving shower energy.

I fondly remember the days when a shower was a refreshing revitalizing experience, enjoyed with a multitude of smelly products.

Now they are akin to an extreme sport, likely to leave me shaky and exhausted.  I rest the day before a shower and the day after and occasionally I simply don’t shower. My record is 5 days (don’t tell my DarlingDad, he would freak).

But summer is on it’s way and I can tell that something’s got to change.  I think DD would probably notice if I went more than two days without showering and my hair is really oily (now that the bleach has grown out L).   So MiracleMum has decided to help me out by washing my hair for me. 

Every 3rd day she will wash my hair while I sit in my swimmers on my shower chair.  On the other days I will have quick birdbath showers, so not to waste too much energy down the drain.  

It got me thinking of other ways to save energy...this is what I've come up with:

10 hints for saving shower energy:

1. Plastic Garden Chair: with a high back (if you have room) to sit and relax on while in the shower.   I also take it out of shower when done, so I can sit on it while drying – I use a wrap and relax technique which involves 3 towels and sitting.

2. Products: Organic not smelly shampoo and conditioner for to minimise chemical loading. If organic stuff isn’t working, try Dove. I also like dove soap for sensitive skin and Cetaphil body wash

3. Ask for Help: ask someone else to do the ‘arms up stuff’ for you, like washing your hair.  Think Nicole Kidman in ‘Dead calm’ (without the mass murderer).

4. Good Quality Razor: make sure it's easy to grip and sharp. For girls, legs are going to need more shaving in summer.  I predict a long, light, flowy skirts for me/cfs summerwear and hope to manage smooth ankles and lower calves at least.

5. Natural Anti-fungal: A spray bottle with ½ vinegar and water. A quick squirt at the end of a shower in the ‘nether regions’ can help combat thrush. Okay this is in the realms of TMI and is really only for the girls, but since many people with me/cfs seem to have candida problems I’ve included it.  It’s also handy for cleaning the shower and preventing mould.

6. Dry Hair Shampoo: this is for days when the hair doesn’t get it’s wash. (Helpfully suggested by my psychologist, looking after the mind and the body.) Spray it on, leave for 2 minutes and brush out.  It seems to absorb the oil and dry into a powder...I guess it's a similar concept to spray on carpet cleaner.

7. Bleach Hair: only if lighter hair works for you!  This will make it less oily – of course getting to the hair dressers presents it’s own challenges. (I wonder if I could convince MMum to try this at home).

      8. Heart Rate: Wear a water proof heart rate monitor in the shower. I do this so that I can tell if I'm having a good day or bad day.  If my heart rate's way up I cut short the shower, skip unnecessary things and skeddadle back to the couch.  However if it's relatively low I take advantage of it by doing the leg shaving and other non-urgent maintenance.

9. Cooler Shower Water:  Avoid super hot water, try having cooler showers than normal.  If it's cold in the bathroom use a fan forced heater to heat the room instead of the hot water.  It seems that energy, like salt, dissolves faster in hot water. 

No, really it is something to do with blood vessels expanding in the heat and exacerbating the effects of POTS (Google: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

10. Pace yourself: Hop back into bed after a shower and have a good rest before dressing.

11. Bonus suggestion from my DDad: Install a solar hot water heater.  Thanks DD, that's one way of saving 'energy'. 

I am looking forward to when summer really gets here, I hope to manage a few outings to the local creek where I can float in the cool water for a minute or two.  That's got to boost circulation and help with POTS...I hope.   

I wonder if anyone will notice me having a cheeky wash while I'm down there?



  1. Lots of good advice there; thanks a lot for the time and energy it took to put this article together.

  2. Thanks Lynda. Glad you liked it. Blogging is the one thing I can still do that I like it's great to share.