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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why you need a Sik bag.

I have found one thing that has helped me to be better at being sick.  I call it my Sik bag.

It's a small toiletry bag that I got free with a pair of shoes, it is black and white with a fake animal fur print.  It's pretty ugly actually but it was free so I'm not complaining.

The point is that I take it everywhere, whenever I move from the bed to the couch or slip it into my handbag to go out to the docs.  It has everything I will need during the day as well as everything I might need.  When I'm at home it stops me from getting up every 10mins to find things and when I'm out it helps me cope with the strain of being ill and dealing with things out of my control.

So what's in the bag:

  • Daily Meds:  A strip of every med I take on a daily basis. At the moment including supplements there are 7 different pills.
  • Occasional Meds: Medications I only need occasionally but which are painful to be without,  like my asthma inhaler, mylanta, urals and zyrtec.
  • Salt: A small container of salt to add to my diet (helps with orthostatic intolerance).
  • Aromatherapy oil, a eucalyptus/mint/thyme blend which smells a bit like vicks. I put a dab of this  under my nose when a smell is overpowering.
  • Tiger balm: for headaches, body aches etc.
  • Medicated creams: ovestin and canestan.
  • B12 injection kit
  • A thermometer.
  • A comb, two bobby pins and a hair tie.
  • Mascara and lip balm.
  • A couple of tampons.
  • An ipod and earphones.
  • Eyemask and earplugs.

So now when ever I go anywhere, whether it be from my room to the living room or to beach.  I have all my immediate needs with me.  I just wish I could fit a wheelchair and a banana lounge chair in there and I would be all set.

I love my Sik bag.

Do you have one?  

What do you keep in yours?