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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

XMRV and my prostrate

The accuracy of the WPI’s test results concerning XMRV and Me/Cfs have been questioned all over the world by scientists and by social media users.  You can find information about it on twitter, facebook, blog rolls, and even ezines dedicated to it debating the cause of me/cfs and it's link to XMRV.  You could say it has gone viral.

It's a big issue, the science isn't simple and the emotional response from the me/cfs community has been intense.  XMRV has been a source of hope and pain for many me/cfs sufferers and has added a double loop to the roller coaster ride of having me/cfs.  

In my family it has also been the source of  a few laughs, if nothing else, it gave me the opportunity to have this conversation with Mum and Dad over dinner:

Me: I hope this XMRV thingy proves to be correct.

Mum: Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘test’ for me/cfs!
Dad:  XM who? What’s this

Me: Well some recent research has found a type of retrovirus in people with me/cfs.

Dad: Retro who?

Me: Oh Retro means something to do with re writing the DNA/RNA, the aids virus is a type of retrovirus. Nothing to do with the 60's.

Dad: What, do you have aids?

Me:  No of course not!   

Dad: so what’s this virus, have you got it?

Mum: No she doesn't know, honey.  It's still very much in the research stages.  It’s possible that there may be a link between the virus and me/cfs. They have found it in people with Prostate cancer too.

Dad: Have you had your prostrate checked?

Me: umm Dad , I don’t have one of those.

Dad: oh . right of course not.

 Me: (coughing) would you like some horse radish?


  1. haha your family sounds as mental as mine!!

  2. yes, they are bonkers and it is hereditary apparently :)