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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Telling ME/CFS how it is.

 To me/cfs.

I’ve got you on the back foot,
You better watch out,
I’m wise to your games.
You may not realize it but you are losing your clout.

I know when to lay low and bide my time
I’m quietly battling every day for what is rightfully mine.

It’s a little bit of give and take,
But I’m learning how to play the odds
And a tidy profit I will make.

You are in fighting form today,
Sore glands, legs, throat and fatigue, head my way
That’s okay I can take it on the chin
I’m resting up, I’m gonna throw you into a spin.

I’m on top of your hypoglycemic rants
Sneaky throwing emotional blackmail into the mix
I have added snack food to my bag of tricks.

I can tell when you’re about to shut me down
You pull down the shutters mid party, mid sentence, mid speak
I go quiet, listen to others, to you I turn the other cheek.

And when you ambush me with a sensitive nose
I pull out my eucalyptus rub, and a tiny dab keeps you on your toes.
You like to get my heart racing,
But I have that covered, with salt, meds, diet and pacing.

Your last recourse
Is fatigue of course
But I’m resting that away
The weights I am carrying are not here to stay.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a long way to go
But I won’t live forever with you in tow.
After plenty of rest
You will be kicked out of the nest

I will hunt you down
And run you out of town

And then you will see
What you’ve actually done to me.
I’m going to be strong, wise and proud,
Fun, silly, happy and loud

But be warned I won’t ever forget you
I will always be vigilant incase of another coup

One day we will find the cave you hide in
And you will be eliminated, just like Bin Ladin

As soon as you weaken
You will be beaten.



  1. I love your poem about ME & you :-)

  2. I have found that there is something so soothing about sending a letter to the alien being that has taken over my body!

    I guess b'cause it's a way of taking back a part of you, even if it's only for a little bit.

  3. Thanks Monique for your comment :)
    It is very soothing writing to the 'alien', very cathartic. I like to think I am sneaking up on it, playing the long game to kick it's butt.

  4. One word:


    Sam @ Sam and M.E Blog

  5. Thanks Sam, :)
    I like reading your blogs too, they are pretty awesome.

  6. Hi,
    It's great to find your blog, I think we have many similar interests, as well as both having ME/CFS so I look forward to going through your posts. Recently my partner wrote a blog post about the effects of the government cuts to disabled benefits. I am trying to raise as much awareness as possible so check it out at: http://coffeehousediscussions.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/the-state-is-disabling-the-disabled/ and if you agree with it then please spread the word!
    Katie x

  7. Thanks Katie,
    They are changing the disability here in Oz as well.. with potentially devastating effects. I wish you partner the best. What a fantastic advocate for you and for me/cfs.
    :) Take care.