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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to find a work/health balance.

Prioritising my health.

Its been a chaotic few weeks, my mood and symptoms have been up and down like a yo-yo in a retro yo-yo competition.

This cruising season is drawing to an end, and we are waiting for the cyclone season to blow itself out so we can go north.  Hopes and prayers to those awaiting the affects of cyclone Yasi.

So as one season ends, the plans for the next season begin.  After many discussions about the various options including, the Pacific, the Med or even sailing to Africa, I've come to realise that I'm not really physically able to do any of the options.

It's time to face facts.  I'm not getting better working on board.  Truth be told I might be getting worse.  New stomach pains, persistent headaches and neck pains have all been recently added to the mixed bag of symptoms that make up ME/CFS

I've been able to manage so far, hobbling along using the great facilities available to yachties in Australia, like ordering food online, floating docks, plentiful car parking and helpful service people who speak the same language. 

My partner in crime, my lovely boyfriend, has shouldered a lot of my work and has managed surprisingly well.  After several years on board he has finally learnt where I store all the food, and can find the refills by himself.  Impressive I know.  Seriously he has been great.  However I know that overseas, he will be less available to help as unfamiliar ports,customs, and repairs in foreign languages all take up more of his time.

Which brings me back to the simple fact, I am not getting better on board.  So I am prioritising my health and hoping that rest and less physical work will help me get better.

Now we are working on a time and place that will suit everyone for a change of crew.  I am hoping for a few months to get it all sorted. 

Fingers crossed xxx

How about you? What life changing decisions have you had to face once diagnosed with ME/CFS or other Spoonie illness?


  1. I hope you can put your health first, it's so important but so difficult to do xxx

    I remember when I started my MSc and I got about 6 weeks into it and thought I just can't carry on like this any more. I was slurring my speech and sleeping during my lunch break. It was so hard but I made the decision to drop down the part-time and honestly I think it was the best thing I ever did, but one of the hardest. i dread to think how ill I'd be if I had carried on, considering the part-time stuff still made me quiet poorly!! xxx

  2. Hi Kitty,
    It is so important and so so hard to do as you well know. Thanks for sharing, I hope you are on the road to improvement after making that painful decision.

    Now I've made the decision it's like a huge load off my mind and I am looking forward to simply looking after myself.

    Slow and steady wins the race!